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Please note: we always need your priority requests 2 weeks prior release date.

Advertising/Feature Policies:

Advertising is not for sale in our stores. All features, as well as newsletter picks, are chosen by our specially dedicated Content Merchandising.

How To Help Get Your Release Featured:

Every week, Label Managers send the feature suggestions for the week. We recommend you send the feedback suggestion with the other information.

Factors to help us make our editorial choices:

- Territories (worldwide availability or exclusions from certain territories?)
- DJ support/Feedback and Marketing points
- Name recognition of the producer and/or remixer
- Past performance of the label and/or label group
- Genre; do we have a good balance of various genres presented on the home page?
- Reviews / Club Support / Radio Support / Feedback
- Artwork (nice album art, artist photos, nice logo, etc.)
- Format: do we have a good balance of albums, EPs, & singles presented on all pages?